MX Magazine : Dec 2011 Issue - Soul Mystique's Dress Creation for Christmas Charity

December 15, 2011

Soul Mystique has designed and created an amazing dress for one of Australia’s biggest retailers this year, in support of a Christmas charity - The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal. This iconic dress, hand-made and worn by Lydia herself, made the front cover of MX Magazine! Quoted as a 'piece of art', it weighs a ton! It is bare backed with a full length peakcock shaped skirt, and is held together by 2kg of Kmart Wishing Tree Tags and Swarovski Crystal Shoulder Straps. The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal gives the community a chance to play Santa to underprivileged kids. To our Australian friends, pick up a Tag and place a gift under a Kmart Tree this Christmas. You'll put a smile on a child's face.

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